This week on People CHICA's New Music Friday, we highlight singles from Nino Augustine, MONOGEM, Audri Nix and more.
Tokischa, Nino - Freestyle "MALA"
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Every Friday, People CHICA spotlights exciting new songs from Latin artists. Today, we round up the latest releases for the week ending May 21.

1. Audri Nix, "No siento na"

Audri Nix released her new single and video, "No siento na", today.

2. Anitta, “Girl from Rio” Remix (ft. DaBaby)

"Girl from Rio" is the latest song from Brazilian superstar Anitta, who collaborated with rapper DaBaby.

3. MONOGEM, "Sólo amor"

MONOGEM's released her latest single "Sólo amor", a song that serves as a reminder to slow down and zoom in on what's really important right now: our health, happiness, nature and love. "Only love matters," says part of the chorus of the song that was written during a trip to Joshua Tree with her producers, The Slackademics. In a press release, MONOGEM added: "Last November, we devoted the trip solely to work on my upcoming debut album. It was late at night by a wood-burning fire that "Sólo Amor'' was born. It was the first song to flow out of us and it feels magical, something I hope listeners may be able to resonate with."

4. Tokischa, Nino Freestyle "MALA"

Tokischa and Nino Freestyle teamed up for their new project, "MALA", out this week.

5. Nino Augustine, "Serenata"

In addition to his new song and video "Serenata," Nino Augustine also released his latest album, Global Ninz, on Friday. "Global Ninz is what you'd get if my DNA ancestry test was an album," he shares with People CHICA. "I came to the USA young enough to make this my home but old enough where I'm very connected and shaped by music from back home, in Panama. I'm blessed to come to these genres authentically because of who I am and where I'm from and where I've been. Whether it's in Spanish or English, dancehall, reggaeton, or rap, it's all my musical DNA and it's authentic to me and my life, which is global."

6.  Pacho El Antifeka, Nio García y Casper Mágico, “Qué será”

Pacho El Antifeka teamed up with Nio García y Casper Mágico in the new single and video "Qué será," which was filmed in Miami.