This week on People CHICA's New Music Friday, we highlight singles from Ambar Lucid, Justin Quiles, Chimbala, Zion y Lennox, KHEA, María Becerra and more.
Messiah x Ozuna & Nicky Jam
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Every Friday, People CHICA spotlights exciting new songs from Latin artists. Today, we round up the latest releases for the week ending May 14.

1. Ambar Lucid, “Get Lost In the Music”

Dominican and Mexican-American artist Ambar Lucid released her latest song and video, "Get Lost In the Music", this week. "It was inspired last summer and what I learned was basically to allow myself to enjoy life and enjoy music because I wasn't allowing myself to do that for a really long time," she tells People CHICA. On the concept of the video, she adds: "I was very inspired by this movie, The Holy Mountain. Aesthetically, the whole concept of the music video is inspired by that movie, or at least some clips from that movie."

2. Anthony Ramos, "Blessings"

In the Heights star Anthony Ramos dropped his new single and video, "Blessings."

3. Messiah feat. Ozuna & Nicky Jam, “Millonario” Remix

Messiah teamed up with Ozuna & Nicky Jam for the remix of his song "Millonario." The Dominican artist, who is back on the scene after taking a three-year break to deal with personal matters, shares with People CHICA how the collaboration came about —which was reconciliation of sorts between him and Ozuna after a previous misunderstanding. "[In] the interview I did with Nicky Jam in his podcast, I touched [on] a lot of subjects and [threw] the cards on the table. [There end result was] a lot of reconciliation with me and a whole bunch of my peers in the music business," he said. "In a time where I was just mad at the world, frustrated [by] the situation I was in, I just threw shots. Me apologizing to Ozuna and him seeing in the state of mind I was in... he hit me up for the remix."

4. Alaina Castillo, Parallel Universe Part 1

Singer Alaina Castillo dropped her new album Parallel Universe Part 1 on Friday. "Parallel Universe was a work in progress because even as I was making [it, I] had no idea what it was going to be," she tells People CHICA. "The first two EPs I released was me finding my sound and finding what I wanted to stay, and through that I had to confront a lot of my emotional issues and things that I hadn't dealt with before. So for me, all the songs on here, Part 1 and Part 2, are just [from] a confident Alaina."

5. Justin Quiles Ft. Chimbala, Zion y Lennox, “Loco”

Justin Quiles teamed up with Chimbala and Zion for their new project "Loco."

6. Eru x Sour, “Chequea”

Ery & Sour dropped their latest production, "Chequea", this week.

7. REYNA, "Quarantine Baby"

Duo REYNA, made up by sisters Gab and Vic, released their new song and video, "Quarantine Baby", this week. "We wrote this in March 2020 when quarantine/lockdown had just started," Gab said in a press release. "We would lounge around with drinks and a guitar and write all day. Vic would sit on the floor and FaceTime her girlfriend for hours talking about how much they missed each other and how long it would be before they saw each other again. It got me thinking about how many long-distance relationships or any relationship would actually make it through covid. It's been such a rough year for all of us; covid came and changed our lives. We've all lost people or jobs, even relationships." Added Vic: "When I listen to this song it makes me smile because we've all found a way to get through it. We have found ways to stay connected, to find love, or to get through heartbreak during a pandemic."

8. KHEA, María Becerra, "Te necesito”

Argentines KHEA and María Becerra joined forces in "Te necesito" this week. "This is a song with a lot of feeling; with María we created a musical bomb from Argentina to the world," KHEA shared in a press release. "I love collaborating with Argentine artists because they're very talented. With [my] previous collaboration with Duki, and with this new song, I want to continue placing the name of Argentina on the map of current Latin music." On the theme of the song, he added: "It is a song of heartbreak, where we feel that we are dying of love."

9. Luna Luna feat. Pretty Boy Aaron, "Golden" 

The group Luna Luna teamed up with Pretty Boy Aaron to release their new song and video "Golden" this week.