This week on People CHICA's New Music Friday, we highlight singles from Daddy Yankee, Pahua, Eix, Daniela Brooker, and more.

A.Chal "Nobody Like Me"
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Every Friday, People CHICA spotlights the most exciting new songs from Latino artists. Today, we round up the latest releases for the week ending February 26.

1. Daniela Brooker, "Malas Lenguas"

Venezuelan and British singer Daniela Brooker released the second single from her musical trilogy, "Malas Lenguas." The final single of the project is set to come out March 12. "'Malas Lenguas' is the stage that follows after the dissolution of your relationship where you seek to sedate yourself with external things so that you don't feel the pain," she explained.

2. Daddy Yankee, "Problema"

Following the release of his latest single "De Vuelta Pa' La Vuelta" featuring Marc Anthony, Dady Yankee released his new song "Problema" this week.

3. Pahua, Ofrenda

Mexican singer Pahua released her EP Ofrenda, which blends folkloric sounds with electronic, lo-fi beats and features lyrics with messages of self-love and empowerment. "Ofrenda is the beginning of a cycle based on self-discovery, which shows my most feminine side," she said about the new project. "Despite the fact that this EP sounds organic, it was created from the new technological processes to which we have had to adapt in these times of pandemic." 

4. Lenny Tavárez, A 100

In addition to releasing his new album A 100, Lenny Tavárez released a collaboration with Dalex called "Discípulo."

5. Casper Magico, "Mi Favorita"

Puerto Rican singer Casper Magico released his new song and video "Mi Favorita." He shared how he feels about the project and what it shows about his development. "I am very excited for this new single, 'Mi Favorita,'" he said. "The song showcases my romantic side but at the same time, it doesn't leave my urban essence aside."

6. Eix, "Cuernu"

Another Puerto Rican artist who released a new project this week is Eix, who dropped his new song and video "Cuernu."

7. Rafa Pabon and Jowell y Randy, "Ojitos Chiquititos"

Rafa Pabon teamed up with duo Jowell y Randy for the new song "Ojitos Chiquititos."

8. A.Chal, "Nobody Like Me"

Peruvian singer A.Chal released his latest single and video "Nobody Like Me" on Friday.

9. Mau y Ricky, "Doléria" 

Brother duo Mau y Ricky released the video for "Doléria" this week.

10. Maria Becerra, "Cerquita de Ti"

Argentine singer Maria Becerra released her EP Animal Pt. 1 this week.