This week on People CHICA's New Music Friday, we highlight singles from Bella Dose, Farina, Arcángel, Niña Dioz, and more.

Por Alma Sacasa
Febrero 19, 2021
Credit: Courtesy

Every Friday, People CHICA spotlights the most exciting new songs from Latino artists. Today, we round up the latest releases for the week ending February 19.

1. Bella Dose, Suelta

Latin girl group Bella Dose released their new EP Suelta on Friday. In a recent interview, members Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany explained the vibe of the new project. "It's so diverse," they shared with People CHICA. "It's so different. It shows a little of everything about us. There are so many genres and sounds of music — there's a ballad in there, there's a Latin trap, there's a bachata, and there's a dembow. It's very diverse and unique, which is cool because we don't like to be boxed in. We like to expand our horizons and experiment."

2. Niña Dioz, “Baby Dioz”

Niña Dioz released her new single "Baby Dioz" from her upcoming album Amor, Locura y Otros Vicios, due out on March 26.  The intro of the song is a sample taken from VHS and cassette recordings of her rapping as a child.

3. Farina and Arcángel, "La Boca"

Colombian singer Farina teamed up with Arcángel for her new song and video "La Boca."

4. Tainy and Miguel, "Sunbathe"

Award-winning producer Tainy and singer Miguel released their single and video "Sunbathe." The project was executive produced by NEON16 and with a video directed by Munachi Osegbu. In the clip, Miguel sings about a woman's energy and reflects on how he can't get enough of her presence.

5. Xylon, "Ponte Pa' Mi"

Puerto Rican artist Xylon is entering a new phase with his single and video "Ponte Pa' Mi." "I am extremely excited about this song," the 16-year-old said in a press release. "It's about a different Xylon, who is no longer the child who released 'Chau Chau' a while ago. Now I will be doing songs related to my personal growth. Furthermore, this song represents a lot because my entire team put in their two cents during the whole process."

6. Jodosky, Tainy, and Juanka, "No Le Bajamos"

This week Tainy also teamed up with Jodosky and Juanka for the new song and video "No Le Bajamos."

7. Luis Fonsi and Rauw Alejandro, "Vacío"

Puerto Rican stars Luis Fonsi and Rauw Alejandro released their new song "Vacio," which they performed at Thursday night's Premio Lo Nuestro awards.