This week on People CHICA's New Music Friday, we highlight singles from Girl Ultra, Anthony Ramos, Anna Chase, Héctor Delgado, and more.

Por Alma Sacasa
Abril 02, 2021
Héctor Delgado
Credit: Courtesy

Every Friday, People CHICA spotlights the most exciting new songs from Latino artists. Today, we round up the latest releases for the week ending April 2.

1. Anna Chase and Jorge Blanco, "Antídoto"

Last week, Paraguayan artist Anna Chase released "Antídoto," and this week she released an accompanying video. "It is basically about that person who is your cure or antidote," she tells People CHICA. "The word resonated a lot with me with everything we experienced last year with the pandemic. Listening to so much about the antidote, the cure, the quarantine, wash your hands — it was a word that resonated a lot in my head and it seemed very strong to use in a song."

2. Girl Ultra, "Rosas (Dímelo)"

Mexican singer Girl Ultra dropped her new single and video "Rosas (Dímelo)" this week. "'Rosas' is a pearly hybrid, landing somewhere between old boleros and neo-soul ... flecks of somber acoustic guitar and breathy, choir-like harmonies," she said of the new song, which is from her upcoming EP.

3. Marc Seguí, Pol Granch, and Rauw Alejandro,  "Tiroteo Remix"

Artists Marc Seguí, Pol Granch, and Rauw Alejandro teamed up for the "Tiroteo Remix."

4. Héctor Delgado, "Corre Que Se Hace Tarde"

Beter known as Hector "El Father," the singer retired from his musical career in 2008 but this week returned with his Christian song "Corre Que Se Hace Tarde." "For years I lived with the enemy, believing that luxuries, fame, and money would give me happiness," he said about the single. "However, I lost more than I gained. Through my praise, I urge young people to leave the life of the streets before it is too late."

5. Anthony Ramos, "Say Less"

Last week, singer Anthony Ramos dropped his latest song "Say Less," and this week he released the video with his In the Heights co-star Melissa Barrera as his love interest.

6. Esty, "Holy Ghost $$$"

Viral roller-skating queen Esty released a music video for her track "Holy Ghost $$$."

7. Ovy on the Drums, Beéle, and Bad Milk, "Angelito"

Producer Ovy on the Drums collaborated with Beéle and Bad Milk for the song and video "Angelito."