In this week's #NewMusicFriday, People Chica is bringing you five songs to party like a rockstar with your madre.

¡Que viva mamá!

On May 8, folks everywhere will be ready to celebrate their moms (or the lovely ladies who raised them) with the best music of the week from artists such as Ha-Ash, Christian Nodal and the return of Bad Bunny.

With our #NewMusicFriday series, People Chica wants to bring you some of the hottest new songs that'll make you want to jam out all weekend long. So pull out your headphones and get ready to party!

Mother's Day
Credit: Getty Images

"Serías Tú" by Ha-Ash

Get ready for tears this Mother's Day as Ha-Ash releases their new single just in time to celebrate our mamás. The new track is part of their upcoming album and is dedicated to Hannah's daughter, Mathilda, who can be heard laughing at the beginning and throughout the track. The group has exclusively premiered the video with People Chica.

"Sad Girls Always Finish First" by Alaina Castillo

As she gets ready to open up for Coldplay in Houston, Alaina Castillo has released her latest single marking a new sad girl era for the Mexican American songstress. "'Sad Girls Always Finish First' is a song about acknowledging the feelings that one would normally hide just to fake a smile and act like it's all okay," Castillo said. "It's a song about self-sabotage and manic thoughts that get turned into moments of confidence that help us realize we're all a little messed up and that's perfectly fine."

"Vivo en el 6" by Christian Nodal

The singer-songwriter is releasing his third single, "Vivo en el 6," as one of the most poetic songs he has released in his career. Nodal paired up with friends Édgar Barrera and Edén Muñoz, as he talks about being "just friends," drinking and love. "You'll like this song very much, it's meant to be listened to with a drink in hand, it's even valid to cry for that love that doesn't deserve us. It is dedicated for those who bet on stories of love," Nodal shared.

"Moscow Mule" by Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny has returned just in time for summer with his new album Un verano sin ti. El Conejo Malo is taking us on a beach party with the single "Moscow Mule," a reggaeton track that starts with Asian-inspired beats while being laidback and filled with lots of synth. The Puerto Rican star's new track will surely become a hit.

"Imagina" by Jesse & Joy

Jesse & Joy have released this electro-freckled single that is showing a side of the duo fans have never seen. The artists also released their sixth album Clichés bringing with fans their signature sounds and heartfelt lyrics.