On July 28, the new moon in Leo will bring the energy you need to boost your confidence and go after your dreams.

If you've been feeling solar-powered lately, it's not just the heat of the summer.

As we enter the sign of Leo, who is accommodated by its ruler the Sun, you may be feeling the warmth of this open-hearted fire sign.

On July 28, the new moon in Leo will bring a fresh perspective, new opportunities and optimism set to last us for the next six months until it reaches the full moon in February.

However, until then, we can harness the power of the flames to align our purpose and make our way to our dreams.

New Moon
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You're the Protagonist

Leo energy is all about taking center stage—it is ruled by the Sun after all—and shining bright. This new moon, take time to reconnect with your authentic self, recharge your confidence and get ready to manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

This lunation is a good time to take scattered energy and focus it on yourself. What goals haven't you set due to fear? What are your wildest desires?

Bring on the Optimism

This new moon is special due to its alignment with Jupiter just before it goes into retrograde. This new moon will be charged with optimism, luck and expansion, so don't be afraid to think big and be assured that everything will work out for you.

Take time to write down how you want 2023 to go down and vibe with this positive feeling.

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Go Big or Go Home

As with every new moon, you're getting an opportunity to catapult your ambitions into the future. Make sure you aim high as this energy from Leo helps you rise to the occasion. Journal, set intentions and get ready to see your dreams blossom into reality.