Are you ready to change your habits for the better? We spoke to Astrologer Mariana Rimoldi on how the new moon in Virgo is here to give you the push you need.


Two weeks after the full moon in Aquarius brought closure and release from the events of the last six months, a new moon in Virgo, happening on September 6 and 7, is here to help us organize our lives and plant the seeds for what's coming in 2022. 

The new moon occurs every month when the Sun and Moon meet. It's an excellent time to set your intentions for events you will manifest in the next six months. In this case, whatever you set as your goals in this new moon will come to fruition in March of 2022. 

People CHICA spoke with certified Astrologer Mariana Rimoldi on what you can expect from this lunar cycle, what rituals to partake in, and how to harness this new moon's energy. 

It Connects Us With Reality and Creating New Habits

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This new moon is helping us get our everyday priorities to move forward with clarity and purpose. 

"Virgo is the sign that deals with work, health, and daily life. We each have Virgo in our charts, and this is an excellent time to get in touch with our wellbeing on things like exercise, eating better, enjoying music and nature, or getting organized," Rimoldi says. "It's a sign that needs order and efficiency to thrive so that our functioning in life can be as optimal as it can be." 

Rimoldi suggests we take time to reflect on our daily habits, how we relate to nature, our connection to social media, and take stock on how this affects our wellbeing to take actionable steps to improve them. 

This New Moon is in Trigon With Uranus in Taurus 

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Up in the cosmos, the moon will be forming a perfect triangle with the planet Uranus that is now in the sign of Taurus. This aspect is favorable as it allows for our intentions to flow. 

"With this trigon, it's important to include, in whatever we set our intention to, new values about how we take care of ourselves," Rimoldi explains. "Uranus always brings us something new, and Virgo is an area of our lives that sticks to a routine. However, this moment facilitates routines that are new in our lives that have to do with new values." 

New values, as Rimoldi adds, could include something as simple as taking time away from our phones and computers to do some reading. Or choose to walk instead of drive from place to place. She suggests these changes be made gradually to go along with Virgo's measured energy.

Mercury is in Libra

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Mercury is the planet that rules Virgo, but this month it is housed in the sign of Libra, setting the stage for us to organize and establish order in our relationships. 

"Since Libra is the sign of relationships, it's important to plant seeds in this new moon that enrich and set order in our relationships," she says. "Since Mercury is also the planet of communication, order how we communicate with other people in our lives to help us see things more clearly." 

Mercury is also meeting with the two other air signs in the sky, Aquarius and Gemini, which will help us flow better in contracts, partnerships, and new projects. 

It's a Perfect Time to Sift and Let Go of What No Longer Works

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Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and helps us analyze where what no longer works in our lives. When setting our intentions for 2022, take stock of what this year has brought so far that has not worked and make room for new things to grow. 

Gemini, Piscis, Sagittarius, and Virgo Will Feel a Great Shift

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Depending on what degree the moon falls in each birth chart, these four signs will live the lunation more intensely than others. These signs can feel some tension during this time, but this energy will bring positive transformations if used correctly. 

Capricorn and Taurus Will Feel Great Energy Flow 

For the other two earth signs in the Zodiac, the new moon will bring a favorable push where they set their intentions. 

What Rituals Can We Partake in During This New Moon?

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Rimoldi suggests two rituals that will work wonders with the Virgo energy of this moon:

  1. Write down your intentions and what you will work on for the next six months in your life. Then, during the full moon in Virgo in March of 2022, go back to these intentions and see how far you've come. 
  2. Pick an area of your home or personal belongings and organize it. This can be a drawer, make-up bag, or even a spice cabinet. Make sure to get rid of what no longer serves you and make space for what's to come.

Astrologer Mariana Rimoldi is based in Argentina and has coached individuals in astrology for more than 20 years. She conducts an online workshop every new moon (@mariana_rimoldi).