In an exclusive interview with People Chica, the main characters of the new Netflix film share how this story pushes past the romance genre spectrum.
Purple Hearts
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

The world of romantic films can tug at our heartstrings as no other genre can. Yet, in a genre packed with happy endings and unrealistic romances, comes a love story fit for today's world.

In Purple Hearts, Sofía Carson and Nicholas Galitzine play Cassie, a struggling singer-songwriter facing health issues, and Luke, a troubled Marine.

Despite their differences and backgrounds, the two agree to marry so that Cassie may have access to much-needed medical care provided through Luke's military benefits. As their marriage is struck by tragedy, the two must face the blurring of lines between what is real and what isn't so that they may successfully navigate their new reality.

In an exclusive interview with People Chica, Carson and Galitzine opened up about what attracted them to the film and what they consider to be the pillars for creating a better future.

Sofia and Nick
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

This film is not just a love story, it touches upon several social issues that affect people every day including access to healthcare, the treatment of veterans, and of course, love. What attracted you both to this film?

Sofía Carson: I have been attached to this project for five years now, and when Luis first introduced me to Purple Hearts and handed me the rough draft of our script, I fell in love with it immediately for exactly the reasons that you just mentioned.

It's not only this beautiful and quite unique love story, but it's a story with really important socio-political messages. To me, the most important one is the heart of Cassie and Luke's relationship, it's that these people are two colors: one red, one blue, polar opposite worlds who were raised to hate each other, who come together to the power of love and living in such a divided world, in such a divided country. It seems like a message that we need to tell now more than ever.

Sofia and nick
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Nicholas Galitzine: I completely agree and echo that. It just felt like a very unique take. It felt very timely, especially given the state socio-politically, as Sofía says, in the US. It just felt like there was a ton of stuff in the script that I felt I hadn't explored as an actor before, and that's always a fun challenge.

In this story, love conquers all differences, is this something you think could happen in real life? If so, how?

NG: Does love conquer all differences? Look, I mean, it's an incredible story. If we lead with love, oftentimes, and when we try and find commonality with each other, we tend to appreciate that there is much more that binds us than that separates us.

I think [through] patience and care and kindness and understanding, there are a lot of subtleties and nuances that I think can help to create a bridge between people. So the optimist in me would say, yes, love conquers all.

SC: I would agree. I think leading with love and leading with kindness is the way forward toward healing.

What were some of your favorite behind-the-scenes moments while filming?

NG: I'll tell you what wasn't my favorite behind-the-scenes moment. Every morning I would come into the makeup trailer and Sofía, she's very coy about this, but she's actually part reptilian. She requires the temperature to be very, very low.

So, I would start the day off by freezing. And then every day she would play, I think, a rotation of maybe three songs just on repeat. So, by the end of production, I kind of reached a point of insanity that was very unique.

SG: It helped you to portray Luke. My favorite part [was] all the scenes without Nick—just kidding! I honestly I don't know if I could pick. I loved every moment of shooting this movie, including my mornings when I was freezing in the trailer with a playlist that I had created. Yeah, the crew, the cast list, every moment was magical for me.