The singer talks to People CHICA about walking the runway alongside Gloria Trevi at New York Fashion Week.

By Brenda Barrientos
February 10, 2020

Natti Natasha, Gloria Trevi, Jillian Mercado — these were the Latinx stars who took over The Blonds fashion show on Sunday night. Every season, designers Phillipe and David Blond go all out, and Sunday’s extravaganza was no exception. They’ve previously partnered with Disney Villains and the Broadway show Moulin Rouge, and this time, they chose to “explore fashion as a sort of religion,” per the show notes. The designers — Phillipe, who was born in Puerto Rico, and David, who is of Cuban and Spanish descent — also wanted to pay tribute to their “Latin roots” by featuring Latinx models and artists.

The night was a huge celebration, with Phillipe opening the show and music by Bad Bunny and El Alfa blasting through the speakers. Some of the crowd at Spring Studios seemed to not recognize the music, but it was impossible not to want to dance when hearing the sounds of reggaeton. “The music was poppin’,” Natasha told People CHICA after the show. “I didn’t really know what they were going to be playing [prior to the show], but it added a good vibe to everything. They had soft music, techno, and then dembow, so it was a whole bunch of vibes.” The reggaetonera admitted that she only found out the day before the show that she would be walking in it. However, for having had only a one-day notice, she killed it. “We did a short rehearsal before the show,” she said. “Phillipe took me and gave me little tips here and there on how to walk and the posing and all that stuff. It was fun!” This was the 32-year-old’s first show of the year; she walked for Custo Barcelona in 2019.

The legendary Mexican songwriter Gloria Trevi also strutted down the catwalk and closed the show alongside Natasha and the designers. It was definitely a moment to remember. “It was amazing because she was so sweet and she’s such an iconic star,” said Natasha. Another highlight of the evening was watching Dominican American model and activist Jillian Mercado go down the runway so effortlessly in her wheelchair. “I’ve been through countless wars making sure that this moment was exactly how I imagined through every obstacle you can think of,” Mercado wrote on Instagram. “Determination helped me get to this moment and those who believed in me made sure that it was as perfect as I knew I could be. Thank you to @davidblond and @phillipeblond for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime, a huge milestone in my career.” Natasha, who got to meet Mercado at the show, had only great things to say about her fellow model. “She’s amazing,” she said. “She was very sweet. The fact that they included her in the show and gave her that opportunity to show her talent was beautiful.”

Even though this was only the second fashion show Natasha has walked in, she definitely can see herself doing it again one day. “As long as it’s fun, I like it,” she explained. “Music and fashion, I feel like they go hand in hand together.” Her experience working with the Blonds was one she will never forget. “The Blonds are one of my favorite designers. For stage, too, they’re comfortable but at the same time sparkly and colorful. They always have cool concepts. I really love them and the fact that they are Latin, they understand what we love and who we are.”

The need for Latinx representation in fashion is still imperative, both on and off the runway. Natasha agrees and advises Latinxs to “keep daring.” “We need to make it happen, we belong here [in these spaces]. We need to atrevernos,” she says — to achieve success despite how challenging the task may be. “Little by little, I feel like it’s a story that will change right as we’re speaking.”