The Dominican singer explains to People Chica how TASHA Wines has "empowered" her to feel and "be multi-faceted."

Today's women have the ability to be more than just one thing—they can be a mamá, a business owner, a Chica Boss, and so much more.

Nobody embodies this philosophy like Natti Natasha, who recently partnered up with the famed restaurant Sugar Factory to celebrate the opening of their latest restaurant in Miami Beach.

La dominicana tells People Chica that the different facets of her career help her "be multi-faceted in all ways," lending her to become a successful singer and the owner of TASHA Wines.

Natti Natasha Hosts Sugar Factory Grand Opening
Credit: Sugar Factory / TASHA Wines

She explains, "Music has been a significant part of my life, a place where I can be sexy, unapologetic, and vulnerable. TASHA is a reflection of me because of its vibrant color, energetic appeal, suave and addictive elegance."

The proud mamá notes that women can be anything they want to be.

"Women have the power to be what they want—a mother, an artist, a writer, an entrepreneur. TASHA has empowered me to be multi-faceted in all ways," the "La mejor versión de mí."

Natti Natasha Hosts Sugar Factory Grand Opening
Credit: Sugar Factory

A special piece of her partnership with Sugar Factory was the team-up with her TASHA Wines, which she explains was a dream for her.

"The partnership between [...] TASHA Wines with the Sugar Factory is a dream come true. I've always been a fan of the hospitality, wine & spirits industries, and to have the opportunity to partner with such an iconic brand to bring TASHA to Miami is very exciting," she details.