Natti Natasha talks about domestic abuse in her new music video and asks women to speak out and not suffer in silence.


In her new music video “Me Estás Matando,” Natti Natasha speaks out against abuse, both physical and emotional. The Dominican singer appears bruised and battered in the clip, like so many women who are victims of domestic violence. She tells her lover in the song that he is killing her with his infidelities and emotional bullying.

Natasha walks through a burning house in the clip and swims in a pool of blood. In the impacting story, as husbands and boyfriends treat women cruelly, they start to bleed and bruise, showing how they are suffering inside. In the end, when the singer speaks out in a room filled with battered women, the “spell” of abuse is broken for all, and the women start to heal.

Natti Natasha also shared a post on Instagram emphasizing the message of the song. She posted a photo of herself with makeup that makes her look bloody and bruised with a caption listing words and phrases like “too skinny,” “fat,” and “kill yourself.” “That’s how they hurt us without touching us!” she continued. “You are not alone.”

On social media she shared other photos looking battered as part of her campaign to raise awareness against abuse. At first her followers didn’t understand — since the music video hadn’t been released yet — and were worried that the singer was the victim of domestic violence.

“Men this is how we look when you scream at us! Today I will tell you in the name of all mistreated women, how we feel when that happens. #YouAreKillingMe,” she captioned the image. Her fans reacted on social media with messages of support and gratitude, applauding the Dominican star for using her social platform to bring light to such an important topic.