The six-episode series is coming to Amazon Prime Video on November 19.

Natti Natasha brings her personal life to the small screen with an upcoming Amazon Studios Original Series

The six-episode docuseries Everybody Loves Natti follows the life of Dominican reggaeton star Natti Natasha as we have never seen her before. Viewers will get an inside look at her private life at home, surprise pregnancy, relationship with her manager and fiancé, Raphy Pina, and the making of her latest album, NATTIVIDAD.

"My name is Natti Natasha," the trailer for the new series starts with the singer front and center in interview mode. "My personal life, I've kept to myself, until now. Here we go!"

In addition to Natti's family life, the series explores her dreams of stardom and her trajectory as she pursues her goals of worldwide recognition. Friends and collaborators such as Daddy Yankee, Becky G, Yovanna Ventura, and Ariadna Gutiérrez join her on the road to success and make appearances on the show.

"I love collaborating with Latinas; I'm very proud that I was able to break that barrier," she says in the trailer as clips of behind-the-scenes music video filming and backstage moments with Becky G play. "I'm breaking glass ceilings."

Natti Natasha
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Viewers will also get an intimate account of Natti's personal struggles, including her transition into the United States as a Dominican immigrant from Santiago de los Caballeros and fertility issues she faced before conceiving her daughter Vida.

"I don't think that little girl in the Dominican Republic imagined the dream she would be living," she adds. "I would just tell her: 'Don't be scared, you got this!'"

Natti Natasha & Raphy Pina
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Everybody Loves Natti will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on November 19.