The Mexican singer, Apple Music's latest Up Next artist, talks to People CHICA about his rise to fame, recording with Bad Bunny, and creating his own unique sound.

Por Lena Hansen
Septiembre 09, 2020

Natanael Cano is only 19, but he's already known for his own unique sound — corridos tumbados, which he describes as "the Mexican sound of traditional regional music with a new influence of trap and rap." The singer, born and raised in Sonora, Mexico, credits himself and fellow Sonora musician and friend Dan Sánchez with developing the genre. "What makes us different is that we created that sound with the guitars fused with rap, trap, and different lyrics," he tells People CHICA. "That's what makes us stand out from the rest."

Courtesy of Apple Music

Cano's rise to fame and life story inspired a short documentary that's part of Apple Music's Up Next series, which highlights emerging talents. The film features interviews with the singer, his parents, friends, and work team. His friends describe the young star as a go-getter who is focused on his goals.  "I've seen the results," Cano says about devoting himself to his career.

His song "Soy El Diablo" got Bad Bunny's attention, and the pair recorded a remix of the song together that helped put Cano on the map. "Recording with Bad Bunny was very important for my career and for me as a human being," he says. "He is a humble and simple person who is always laughing." "Nata is a genuine talent and he is of pure heart, something that is often lacking in the music industry nowadays," Bad Bunny says of Cano. "He represents the new era of Mexican music."

Like El Conejo Malo, Cano also has a unique look and aesthetic, standing out with his purple hair and tattoos. "My love for fashion came when I was finally able to buy all the clothes I liked," he explains. "The one thing that I always have to have in my closet are great sneakers."

Following his dream of succeeding in music motivated Cano to leave his beloved Sonora and move to L.A. "I had a great childhood there. I love it," he says about his hometown. "I came to Los Angeles looking for work. I got the opportunity to come and I took it." In the documentary, his parents recall what he was like growing up. "He was a really fidgety kid," his dad says. Cano's mom adds: "Since he was a kid he's had his personality, very decisive."

Courtesy of Apple Music

Family means everything to him, and the first thing he bought with his new fortune was a home for his parents. "My family is very proud and happy to see everything that is happening right now in my career and my life," Cano says. "They will always be my inspiration to get ahead."

He also still manages to have fun, riding his motorcycle or playing video games in his free time. Listening to artists like Bad Bunny or Myke Towers fuels him to keep creating. "I get inspired by my own life to write, what I go through, my own experiences," he says, adding that he's working on new music this year. "I feel I'm just getting started."