In a new interview, the model talked about her famous ex and rumors that she's dating another celebrity.

After two years of dating — sharing kisses on red carpets, concert stages and during romantic getaways — many were surprised when news broke in October that Maluma and Natalia Barulich had broken up. Now the Cuban Croatian model, who met the Colombian singer when they filmed the steamy music video “Felices Los 4” in 2017, is breaking her silence about the split. “You know it's our private life and it's for us,” she told Telemundo's Al Rojo Vivo, revealing little but at least confirming that their relationship is over.

Did she leave Maluma for Brazilian soccer star Neymar? No, she assured: “Neymar is only my friend and the media makes up all these lies.” The fashionista said she remains single and is now focused on her career, including a crossover to music. In January, she plans to release the single “Selva.” So will she be getting career tips from her famous ex?

Maluma, Natalia Barulich

Barulich says she and Maluma are still friends and he still sees their puppy, an adorable Pomeranian named Julieta, that Maluma gave her as a Christmas gift two years ago. “He just asked me, ‘Oh, I want to see her soon,'” she said. “It was our dog, so yeah.” She added that they remain close and there is no bad blood between them. “There is no hate, nothing. We had a beautiful relationship together and now it's time for me to literally focus on my work and myself.”

She also has a new bikini line in partnership with Luli Fama. “It's my style — very sexy, very elegant, very feminine and very sultry,” she said. “Each week I'm in the studio working on new songs,” she added about her music projects. Is she open to falling in love again? “No!” she said with a laugh. “I don't want to. I don't have time for it.”

Barulich also opened up about being a victim of cyber bullying after the breakup. “It was driving me crazy,” she admitted. “I would get insane messages. Some of the fans are so crazy, sending me death threats, being so mean to me. And I'm just living my life, doing nothing wrong, and it's not nice for a woman to get cyber-bullied like that.”