The Puerto Rican talks to CHICA about his new projects and the success of his latest album.

Por Alma Sacasa
Abril 07, 2020
Mkye Towers
Credit: Imagine It Media

Just a few months ago, Easy Money Baby debuted at number one on Billboard's Top Latin Albums and Latin Rhythm Albums charts, but Myke Towers is already thinking about his next move. "I am working on an album that almost completes Easy Money Baby," he tells People CHICA. "I want them both out the same year. ... I want to make an album that satisfies my fans that came up with me and give them something they enjoy. A lot of people like Easy Money Baby because it has those commercial tracks, but with this one I want to give people that street vibe they like."

Plenty of fans liked the vibe on Easy Money Baby, though, which is a streaming hit. "My fans surprised me because I knew I had songs with potential, but the ones I was holding onto for a while because of timing became future classics," he says. "The people treated it as if it was a well executed album and they really cared about it. [It] came out during a good time because during quarantine everyone’s listening to music, and I know people are listening to it right now."

The Puerto Rican is using his own time in quarantine to work on new music and go deeper in his interests. "Now I am more inspired than ever because I have learned to appreciate athletes, artists, watching interviews, documentaries, movies," he explains. "Appreciating things that have always been there but I never had time to do because of my lifestyle routine. A lot of songs are being made right now ... I just finished recording. I am always making music, even on quarantine. I always want to be here."

As for what he's listening to? "Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Biggie Smalls — they’re artists that have gone on to a new life but I listen to them while I clean," he shares. "I listen to Ozuna, Bad Bunny, Anuel, everything that comes out with those artists, as well as going back to the roots with Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Daddy Yankee — the ones that built the space for what we do today."

Aside from wanting to work with artists like Romeo Santos and Jennifer Lopez, Towers wants to be able to pave the way for new artists as well. "I want to not only establish myself, but I want to leave a musical mark and have the power to bring new artists up with me," he says.  "Everything takes a lot of time and dedication and that’s why I’m relaxed doing it at my pace."

A piece of advice that was given to him before he blew up is something he thinks about a lot in his career and daily life. "This is simple but I apply it to everything: do not do things just to do them," he says. "Do it with your heart and let it dictate things. I always guide myself with that."