Reggaeton singer Myke Towers talks to People CHICA about how the birth of his first son has rocked his world.

Myke Towers kicked off 2020 with new music and with the birth of his first son. The reggaeton star, 26, talked to People CHICA about how becoming a dad has rocked his world. “It’s a moment of growth,” he says. “I feel so excited about everything that is happening. Being a dad changed the way I see life. Every step I take from now on will be considering my son.”

The rapper and his girlfriend of eight years welcomed their first son earlier this month. “She has always been there for me, supporting me since before I was famous, and has witnessed everything I’ve gone through,” he said about his son’s mother. “She always loved kids and has little nephews, but she has really graduated as a mom, she is amazing,” he added. “I’m a little scared when I hold him because he’s tiny,” the first-time dad admits about his son Shawn, whom he named after his favorite artist, rapper Jay-Z. “We are super happy, it’s all new for us. It’s something we always wanted,” he says. “It’s a time that all of us at home are enjoying to the max. We are all crazy about the baby.”


The artist is filled with inspiration, and on Friday released his new album, Easy Money Baby, and a new music video, “Girl.” “Now I do everything strategically, always thinking of my son,” he says. “I say ‘easy money baby’ when something goes right. It’s not about making money the easy way because what comes easily is also lost easily,” he says about his new album’s title. “I’m more careful now. I don’t go out as much. I’m not about going to parties in my free time. I go to events and parties to sing because it’s my job, but I’m more reserved than people might think.”


Towers is excited about the release of Easy Money Baby and touring the U.S. and Latin America this year. “This album has a lot of energy. I created the songs thinking of how it would feel to perform them before a live audience. A lot of these songs will become hymns that will reach people’s hearts,” he says. “I can’t wait for my fans to hear it.” Recording songs with Daddy Yankee, J Balvin and Romeo Santos is also on his wish list.


The Puerto Rican star stays humble by never forgetting where he came from and listening to wise women around him. “I like to spend time with my loved ones, with those who give me the best energy. I like going to the beach and listening to the waves. That natural sound fills me with peace,” he says. “When I’m stressed out, that centers me. Listening to my mom and my grandma centers me, too. They are the women in my life that will ask me to sweep the floor or take out the trash without caring if I’m famous or not. At the end of the day, I am who I am thanks to them.”