The Pakistani Canadian actress also shares what it was like to wear the Ms. Marvel suit for the first time.

Iman Vellani is in for a deliciously cosmic and meteoric rise as she breathes life into the role of Kamala Khan in the following Marvel Universe and Disney+ show Ms. Marvel which debuts on June 8.

Vellani tells People Chica that portraying Kamala felt like home. "It was like breathing. In general, I just put a lot of myself into Kamala. I reacted how I would act in those situations, and honestly, this is like every fan's dream to get powers—and Kamala gets that."

She continues, "So she reacts like how every fan does, and because of that and knowing how relatable she is, it was very easy for me to kind of just slip into her shoes and into her world and make her story as a specific and as authentic as possible."

Credit: Disney / MS. MARVEL

When it comes to putting on the Ms. Marvel suit? Vellani says it was "very emotional."

"I really could not process any of it," she began, "I was just thinking about my 15-year-old self and the cosplay that she made for Ms. Marvel and it was very emotional."

"There were a lot of people there in my fitting, everyone wanted to see the suit. We were like cutting it up while it was on my body playing around with it. The lightning bolt at the time was just made out of a piece of paper."

She adds, "Being a part of that entire process and watching it become this beautiful, you know, piece that Kamala wears at the end is just wonderful," she explained.

Credit: Disney / MS. MARVEL

So, what's next for Ms. Vellani? To enjoy the massive success and praise she'll be getting from her new show—oh, and to get ready for her upcoming feature film The Marvels alongside Brie Larson, WandaVision's Teyonah Parris and Samuel L. Jackson.

Upon recalling what it was like to work alongside Larson and Parris, Vellani remembers it as an empowering moment in time.

"It was just so empowering. Honestly, to share a screen with Teyonah and Brie, you know, these two other badass superheroes and standing next to them and feeling that, you know, the emotions that come with being a woman in this industry is really wonderful," she proclaims.

The Ms. Marvel actress continued, "They really took me under their wing and took care of me and are super protective over me. And I was just so grateful could be quite intimidating being the newest and the youngest. And yeah, I'm so glad that I got to work with [them]."