The last eclipse season of 2021 is here. Take a deep breath, keep calm and tune in to our podcast playlist!


Eclipse season is back for its last round in 2021, bringing with it intense cosmic energy. If you've felt things speeding up over the last few weeks, you're not alone. The stars are getting ready for two powerful eclipses on November 19th and December 4th that will bring beginnings and endings to the foreground.

On November 19th we will get the first taste of the Taurus-Scorpio axis with a lunar eclipse at 27 degrees of the Taurus constellation. This eclipse coincides with a full moon, which will amplify all the feels. As this is the first event in the Taurus-Scorpio axis —which will continue until October 2023— themes of intimacy, stability, money, investments and security will be coming through.

To help you navigate this season of intense feelings, emotions and transformations, we've put together this week's podcast playlist full of resources to help you stay centered and keep your energy in check. From expert discussions to meditations, these podcasts in both English and Spanish will help you light a path in the shadows of the Taurus-Scorpio moon.

So, grab your headphones, speaker or crank up the radio in your car and tune in. Enjoy!

1. The Wellness Latina

Host Darling Izzy uses storytelling, her personal journey and education to walk you through the challenges and barriers that impede us from taking care of ourselves. Each episode, in English, tackles a new topic and brings insight into how we can improve in all areas —from our physical and mental well-being to our finances.

2. Como yo lo veo

Cuban actress Claudia Valdes is the host of this Spanish-language podcast that airs weekly episodes full of insight and new points of view. Valdes brings listeners inside her world and shares her deepest and most personal points of view, at times getting candid and intimate. She also invites guests and experts to discuss topics that range from love, politics, immigration and spirituality. If you need a voice to walk you through your processes, this is the one to tune in to.

3. Vibrando alto

Do you want to vibe at a higher frequency? Heal your soul from the inside out? Host Vero Fuentes wants to help. In this Spanish-language podcast, each episode focuses on your journey to healing and finding your center. Fuentes provides tools, guides, stories and perspectives in episodes that deal with deep emotional wounds, trauma and finding self-love. "Human beings are forgotten gods that are waking up from a deep sleep," the podcast's synopsis says.

4. The Highest Self Podcast

Sahara Rose is the host of the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes. She helps listeners find their dharma by making spirituality fun and relatable. Each episode invites you to tune into tools that will help you level up by delving into areas of manifestation, entrepreneurship, sacred sensuality, past lives and divine feminine energy. If you want a podcast that is insightful, practical and easy, tune in!

5. Descubre tu poder interior

Spiritual coach Diana Fernandez brings her knowledge and expertise to this Spanish-language podcast to help you find your inner power. Each episode is short, sweet and to the point and delves into love, abundance, money, spirituality and setting boundaries.