Looking for actionable steps to lead a more joyous and purposeful life? Tune into these podcasts —in both Spanish and English—and get your happy on.

Are you ready to tackle the last week of the month? With summer transitioning into fall, we've curated this week's podcast playlists with your happiness in mind. 

These podcasts—in English and Spanish—go into our personal side, focusing on practical and actionable advice, interviews and discussions that can help you live with more purpose and joy. 

If you want to feel good, learn something new and apply these tips to the next transition period in your life, then grab your headphones, speaker, or crank up the radio in your car and tune in. Enjoy! 

Credit: Getty Images
  1. "Ten Percent Happier"

Dan Harris used to think meditation was "ridiculous." That's until the ABC News anchor had a panic attack while live on Good Morning America. Now, you can consider him your coach as he explores the concept of happiness from diverse angles. This English-language podcast invites meditation teachers, scientists, celebrities, and holds lively discussions on social anxiety, creativity, productivity, happiness and relationships.

2. "The Rachel Hollis Podcast"

New York Times best-selling author Rachel Hollis is your host in this feel-good podcast designed to help you find joy and purpose. Hollis helps you level up your life with a weekly episode in English every Tuesday, where she features interviews with experts in areas of business, media, lifestyle, health and motivation.

3. "El club de las 4 AM"

Where are all the mamis at? Welcome to your new best friend, "El club de las 4 AM." This Spanish-language podcast gets real about the "good, bad, ugly and not politically correct" topics regarding motherhood. This one was made for all of you who are up at all hours of the night— sometimes with a crying baby, sometimes feeding, sometimes worried— so you can relax, feel the love, and know "everything will be OK."

4. "Happier With Gretchen Rubin"

Who doesn't want to be happier? Gretchen Rubin knows there's nothing we want more, which is why the bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before co-hosts this English-language podcast with her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, to bring you practical advice on creating good habits and happiness.

5. "Anything Goes"

If you want a cheerful, relatable and raw podcast, "Anything Goes" is for you. Join host Emma Chamberlain as she shares conversations, advice, and thoughts on everyday issues such as failure, cat-mothering, and relationships. Nothing is off limits.