Miss Dominican Republic 2019 Clauvid Daly said that she has faced discrimination for being Afro-Latina.

By Lena Hansen
September 03, 2019 05:33 PM

Winning the crown as the new Miss Dominican Republic has been a bittersweet triumph for Clauvid Daly. The Afro-Latina beauty, 18, has encountered racism and has been criticized on social media because of her dark skin and naturally curly hair. “I don't know why it happens but I respect everyone's opinion,” she said on the Dominican TV show Aquí Se Habla Español. “I am proud to be Miss Dominican Republic and I'm 200 percent Dominican. That's how I feel and that's how I will represent my country,” she assured, shutting down haters who criticized her for being born in the United States.

Daly was born in Miami to Dominican parents. “I was born in Miami but later moved to Punta Cana,” she added on the show, denying the rumors that she was of Haitian descent. Daly confessed she was hurt by some of these comments and even cried over them.

“It's sad to see black people criticizing her because of her color, because of her hair. She has gorgeous natural hair. She doesn't wear extensions. She has a spectacular skin tone, she has a great figure and height, she is educated, she has every virtue to represent Dominican women internationally,” Magali Febles, the director of the Miss Dominican Republic Universe pageant, added on the show.

Not letting the negativity on social media wear her down, the beauty queen has used her platform to be an advocate for other women. She has been vocal on Instagram against underage marriage, writing that it leads to sexual, physical and emotional violence in young girls and teens around the world. She has also raised awareness on preventing teen pregnancy. Her mother was a teacher and is the owner of a school in Dominican Republic and Daly — who represented Punta Cana — has expressed an interest in social justice.

Even though she has experienced cyber bullying, she has also been showered in love and support from followers on Instagram. “You are gorgeous. Don't let stupid people destroy your self-esteem,” a fan commented. “You are spectacular. There will always be envious people,” another wrote. “You are beautiful, no matter who gets mad about it,” a follower expressed. The stunning beauty will represent Dominican Republic in the Miss Universe pageant and had this message to her haters: “I will prove to you that I will get that second crown!”