The Colombian singer talks to People CHICA about his latest single and explains how he and Greeicy Rendón balance their work with their home life.


Singer Mike Bahía began his professional career in 2013 when he appeared on the reality show La Voz Colombia, but it was growing up in Cali, Colombia, where he became the first male choir member at his school, that his love for music originally arose. “My blessing came from my ear,” he tells People CHICA. “I don’t feel like a grand artist or a grand singer, but I think my ear was what made me look toward music.”

Born Michael Egred Mejía, Bahía was part of a rock band called Capzula for almost seven years before starting his solo career in the reggaeton world. “My whole life I was a band singer, a member,” he explains. “The band ended and I had to decide whether I wanted to stay away from music or put pressure on my dream.” He chose the latter, and in 2015, he released his first song, “Buscándote,” and since then has released songs like “Estar Contigo,” “Tarde,” and “La Muñeca.”

His latest single, “Detente,” is a team effort by Keytin, one of the composers behind Karol G’s song “Tusa,” and the Rude Boyz, who’ve worked often with Maluma. “There are songs that are simply obvious, like this one about heartbreak,” says Bahía. “It’s about stopping to look back and see who we are and what we’ve done along the way.”

Growing up in the salsa capital of Cali, Bahía heard an interesting mix of genres and listened to artists like Grupo Niche and Orquesta Guayacán as well as Chichí Peralta, Backstreet Boys, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. All of these influences have contributed to his sound. “I would describe my sound as sitting on a boat during a sunset, with a fresh drink and nice company, also feeling a little bit of nostalgia,” he says.

Bahía has been in a relationship with Colombian singer Greeicy Rendón since 2012, and the two have collaborated on singles like “Amantes” and “Esta Noche.” This year, the pair is going on a five-city Colombian tour together, stopping in Medellín, Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla, and Bucaramanga. They’ve been planning the tour for about two years, but have now finally found the time to do it. “This is going to be our first tour in Colombia,” he says. “We hope we get to do an international tour but we’re going to start with five cities. … It’s going to be an amazing tour.”

Balancing their work with their relationship isn’t a problem for the couple, who consider each other integral to the other’s career. “Since the beginning she has helped me,” Bahía says. “We definitely are always connected with each other’s projects. I always want to show her songs I make with different producers, and it makes me happy when I see she has a positive reaction. I’m always following her work.”

Aside from his music, Bahía has a personal mission to be a good human being and find inner peace in his life and career. “Almost everyone spends a portion of their lives wondering what the perfect life would be,” he says. “We forget sometimes the mission that we have in the world, what we truly came for.”