The daughter of Mexican singer Luis Miguel and actress Stephanie Salas shines in the fashion world and on social media. Get to know her better.

Por Lena Hansen
Marzo 20, 2019

Michelle Salas has been in the spotlight since she was a little girl. The 29-year-old comes from Mexican royalty. She is the daughter of singer Luis Miguel and actress Stephanie Salas, the granddaughter of actress Sylvia Pasquel and niece of rocker Alejandra Guzmán. She studied fashion design at Parsons in New York City and is successful in her own right as a model, fashion influencer and blogger. “I don't rule out acting,” the beauty muses. “I don't know about a telenovela, but perhaps a series or film. But now I'm more focused on fashion.” Here are five things to know about this Mexican “It Girl.”

Michelle Salas

1. She is a frustrated chef. Cooking is one of her passions and she has said, if she hadn't followed her interests in fashion, she would be whipping up gourmet dishes.

2. She doesn't rely on her family's fame. “It has opened many doors for me, but it has also closed a lot of them, because people have this idea of me that I've been given everything,” she says of having famous parents. “Since I was little, my mom tried to give me a normal childhood, different from my family's life.”

3. She knows her way around the runway. She has modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Pronovias and Aristocrazy, among others. She also did an internship with iconic Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera in New York City.

4. She went through a blogging phase. You can go beyond her Instagram and really get to know her on her blog, where she says she tried “to mix all these things that I'm passionate about like photography, traveling, music, food.” Her advice for others trying to rule the digital world? “You really have to really go out there and speak out. Now that there are so many bloggers and influencers, keep being yourself. Don't copy anybody. Don't ever lose your essence, that's what will take you far.”

5. She is a citizen of the world. She has lived in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Paris and New York. “I like to find places that have something different, something more local, not your typical tourist spot,” she says of her favorite destinations, which she shared on her blog.