Por Daniela Herrera
Abril 20, 2017

Seeing more Latinas in executive roles definitely counts as an empowering moment for young Latinas. That's why we are featuring Michelle Freyre, the President of U.S. Beauty at Johnson & Johnson. Not only is she an incredible role model for all Latinas and women of color, but she is also a working mom. Her story may seem familiar to many of us because we come from immigrant families or know what it's like to be an immigrant child.

In recounting her story to People en Español, Freyre recognized the sacrafices her parents made for her to succeed. You'll also notice that even with her three very important roles in her life, Freyre is still able to acknowledge that we can't do it all. So take a deep breath, whether you're a young Latina in college trying to figure out where inspiring Latina's like Michelle are, or an expectant mami concerned about what will happen in the future, or even someone who's in a high-executive position at your job and want to know how to help young Latinas, Michelle has got you covered.

This top-notch boss, mami and wife dishes on all the moments that brought her to where she is today. Take notes chicas.