"I see my blue painting the world," the singer tells People CHICA.


“I would say that I didn't choose it — music chose me,” MicahBlu tells People CHICA.The 19-year-old wrote her first song at the age of nine, and has been singing and writing ever since. She recalls having a blue bedroom in her childhood home, where she found her love for music. “I would just perform to my dolls,” she recalls. “I would line them up, for hours acting like they actually cared or were alive.” The color blue just stuck with her, leading her to choose MicahBlu as her stage name. She describes blue as “more than just a color” because it takes her back to when she was a little girl.

Many of her songs focus on love and loyalty because those topics are important to her. “I love love, I love forbidden love, I love Romeo and Juliet stories, I love a Cinderella story. I just love all of it,” she says. The singer has performed at multiple events from New York City to Texas, and on Monday released her latest EP that she describes as “super fun.” MicahBlu, who says she's influenced by “quadruple threat” Beyoncé, is currently on tour doing pop-up shows at different high schools, and shares every moment on social media.

“I say never be afraid to be who you are, because you can get lost being something else and you can just end up doing things you wouldn't normally do,” she says. “You just need to always be in your mind, your mindset, always be you, love you no matter what.” MicahBlu plans to keep working hard to take her career to another level, and hopes to collaborate with Latinx artists like Camilla Cabello, Becky G or Cardi B.

“I see myself making more music, touring, just in the music world,” she concludes. “I see my blue painting the world.”