Mi Afirmación del Día, from Health in partnership with People en Español, was designed and built by a group of multicultural women.

Por Lena Hansen
Noviembre 20, 2020

To help deal with the stress and anxiety brought on by 2020's struggles, in September, Health launched the interactive, voice-enabled Alexa Skill called My Daily Mindset. It's a 14-day affirmation journey filled with healthy, positive thoughts and reminders of self-love. Just say, "Alexa, open My Daily Mindset” to any Amazon Echo speaker or Alexa-enabled device (including the app on your phone) and enjoy new content daily.

Now, our Latino audience can enjoy this, too. Meredith Corporation just launched Mi Afirmación del Día, its first Spanish-language Alexa Skill in partnership with People en Español and Health. "We know that the Latinx community disproportionately suffers from anxiety and mental health issues, so offering this bilingual experience is a relevant and meaningful way to address the emotional well-being of this growing audience," said Peachy-Jean Retizos, senior manager of innovation at Meredith. "Inclusivity across communities was a key driver of Mi Afirmación del Día's development and will continue to be the focus of this unique and indispensable offering."

Catherine Levene, president and chief digital officer at Meredith Digital, added that Mi Afirmación del Día was designed and built by a group of multicultural women and "exemplifies the kind of inclusive products Meredith is committed to producing to reach and reflect our existing and new Spanish-language audiences."

The interactive voice skill is the latest addition to the Meredith Audio and Voice Network. Monique Manso, publisher of People en Español added: "As the English-speaking My Daily Mindset strikes a chord with an increasing number of customers since its debut, we're thrilled to broaden the availability with this new Spanish-language version. As a company reaching a multicultural audience of nearly 60 million, People en Español's parent company, Meredith, is committed to serving this demographic by delivering an essential and inspiring utility during this unprecedented holiday season."