The planet of communication, technology, and transportation brings us an opportunity to reassess.


Computer crashing? Missing typos in your emails? Was the text message you thought had been sent three hours ago never sent? It's not youit's the cosmos. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, and technology, went retrograde on September 27 and will return to its direct orbit on October 18. This is the third and final time the planet will be retrograde in 2021. 

If you feel like all is going wrong, don't fret. We have created a step-by-step guide to help you survive the next couple of weeks. 

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It's an opportunity to reassess and see things from a different perspective.

Even though Mercury retrograde has a negative connotation, the positive side is that it is an excellent time to slow down and review things carefully. Astrologer Mia Pineda has urged us to see it as an opportunity. 

Mia Astral
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"The ability to reflect so we can choose from another internal viewpoint and create something new, instead of the same, is a gift," she wrote on her Instagram. "Mercury is now retrograde."

This retrograde falls in the sign of Libra, so work on your relationships.

Libra is known for being a peaceful and harmonious sign. It is also the sign that rules our relationships. As a result, this retrograde will heavily affect our social lives and will help us reflect on our most important links. It is an excellent time to step back and evaluate what is working, what is not, and how to change it. 

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Take this time to think about how you're communicating with those around you. Once Mercury goes direct, you'll be able to navigate through these issues more effectively. 

It's a fantastic time to reorganize your space and postpone technology updates.

Libra is a sign that honors beauty and order, so take the time during this retrograde to harness the energy of the balance-loving sign and create equilibrium in your spaces. This will help in easing the tensions caused by Mercury retrograde and bring much-needed order into your life. 

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It is also not the best time to update your tech devices. Waiting until it goes direct in mid-October will be your best bet in ensuring you don't end up with a crashing computer or endless hours of updates in the middle of a deadline. 

Whatever you choose to do, don't worry, enjoy the ride, and know that things will soon go back to functioning as usual.