Tune in to this #MotivationMonday for five podcasts that'll help you slow down and reconnect with your true purpose.

The second Mercury retrograde of the year is officially here!

If you thought eclipse season was already too much for your cosmic heart to handle—think again.

As we await the karmic energy of May 16 to help us shed our skin and transform ourselves, Mercury is slowing us down and helping us think through our next Spring awakening.

People Chica's #MotivationMonday series is highlighting five podcasts featuring astrologers, meditations and experts in cosmic energies that will guide you through the next three weeks of Mercurian energy.

Bath Time
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Astrología Millennial with Esteban Madrigal - Spanish

Esteban Madrigal is here to bring you an astrology podcast geared toward the Millennial generation. Get ready to shed all you think you know about astrology and dive into his toolbox of cosmic resources for self discovery and personal growth.

Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed - English

If you're new to astrology and are looking for information that is easy to understand, then this is the podcast for you. Host Theresa Reed will go through bite-sized lessons for astrology newbies where you'll learn the ins and outs of the cosmos in no time.

Astrología para mortales with Pía and Zoraida - Spanish

We are humans bringing with energy living in an eternally cosmic world. This podcast understands that and sees hosts Pía and Zoraida, two fellow energetic beings, sharing their love for astrology through insightful conversations and answering questions we all have about the universe and beyond.

The Astrology Podcast with Chris Brennan - English

Professional astrologer Chris Brennan is sharing his knowledge of astrology with us with this weekly podcast. Each episode goes through the historical, philosophical and technical topics related to the stars.

Soy Canal de Luz - Spanish

If there's one thing Mercury Rx calls for is restoration, relaxation and revision of every area of our lives. If over the next three weeks you find yourself wanting to throw an ax at the computer, find a moment to relax with this podcast. Every episode takes you on a journey inward, where all the answers lie.