Melymel will be one of the Latinx stars performing at People en Español's Festival, celebrated October 5 and 6 at the Armory in NYC Washington Heights. Get to know the Dominican rapper and actress better with these fun facts.

By Lena Hansen
September 18, 2019

Melymel can light up any room with her vibrant energy. The Dominican rapper and actress, 31, is part of the star-studded line up of Latinx artists confirmed to attend People en Español's Festival on October 5 and 6 at the Armory in NYC's Washington Heights. Here are five reasons why you shouldn't miss her performance!

1. She conquers with her raw honesty. The singer's straight-to-the-point lyrics captivate her fans. Check out her song “Se Te Apagó La Luz” with reggaeton icon Ivy Queen, where the fierce females tell an ex he lost his power over them.

2. She is breaking boundaries for Latinx women in urban music. Known as “La Mamá del Rap,” she says it's an honor to have that nickname in her native Dominican Republic. “You really have to have it for people to call you that way,” she added to LatiNation. “At the time that I started rapping there were no other females. When I started it was 2005, there were all boys.”

3. She is multitalented! She is a witty comedian, she studied film, and likes writing, poetry and cooking.

4. Her musical heroes are Tupac and Lauryn Hill. “Those are my two biggest influences,” she told radio station Power 106 FM. “Kendrick Lamar for me is the rapper that most resembles what Tupac used to do back in the day, so he's like my actual crush.”

5. The rapper celebrates her uniqueness and imperfection. She likes to show a reality on her social media that is not prefabricated. “It's more about having a strong personality,” she added to Power 106 FM. “About showing how you could be vulnerable even though you could be street, even though you could have a character, that doesn't mean you don't bleed, that doesn't mean you don't use the bathroom! I'm always trying to show people that it's OK to not be like everybody else, it's OK to have your own ways, it's OK to be different.”

Come meet Melymel at Festival! This is a free event. To join us, please quickly register by clicking here.