Harlem-born-and-raised singer-songwriter Melii discusses her long, long awaited debut album, phAses, with CHICA.

Por Brenda Barrientos
Mayo 09, 2019

Although singer-songwriter Melii dropped her debut album, phAses, this past March, our CHICA star admits she was working on the project way before she signed to Interscope Records. “I feel like a project was always in the works for me, but I wanted something that was going to represent me the right way. PhAses was [the] perfect balance…” she said. “It came out at the right time, 'cause I had different stories that I could narrow it down to.” In an exclusive video interview with CHICA, Melii opens up about her mental journey creating the album and learning to appreciate herself. She also gives advice to anyone trying to break into the music industry.