The Dominican-Italian artist is our September CHICA cover star.

Dominican-born singer, Yendry, 28, grew up in Italy listening to everything from bachata and merengue to Neapolitan classics and Destiny's Child. Her hits — like "Nena" and the latest, "YA" — feature a genre defining mix of Latin rhythms and European influences. And she's not just breaking barriers within the music world. Earlier this year, she starred in the campaign for Colombian designer Esteban Cortazar's first collection for Desigual. She spoke to People CHICA about her journey.

Credit: Nati Ching

Congrats on the new single! What are you most excited for your audience to experience with this song?
The song is about empowerment and the self-confidence that all of us have but sometimes struggle to find. It's produced by Federico Vindver, who has worked with Coldplay and Nathy Peluso, so I'm super excited to start my collaboration with him.

And how was the experience of filming the music video in Colombia?
It was amazing! We went to Medellin and met this artist called Topo who was organizing singing workshops for the kids of Comuna 13 there, so we ended up filming a mini-documentary. I really wanted to do something for them and give back the love that I received.

Tell me about your multicultural background and how it has influenced you as an artist?
I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Italy when I was four years old, so I grew up between the two countries. It gave me the opportunity to have a different point of view and to have more freedom in the approach that I have to my art and my music. Because I have more influences and have been listening to a lot of different music since I was a kid, I had to develop my own personality in between the two cultures. It was challenging at first but then at the same time it's a big plus that I have.

Which artists or genres have had the biggest influence on you?
I love to use Latin rhythms because my mom always listened to a lot of bachata, merengue and salsa. My music is very melodic, and I think all those melodies are a result of what I listened to in Italy which was mainly Neapolitan music. I grew up with TLC and Destiny's Child, but there are a lot of artists like Selena or Whitney Houston that I take inspiration from.

How do you see yourself as an artist within the world of Latinx music?
I've always looked at my projects as global projects. I don't consider myself just a Latinx artist because I want my music to be global. We limit ourselves with labels and I don't want to do that when I step into the studio.

Credit: Nati Ching

You just participated in a campaign for Esteban Cortazar's capsule collection for Desigual, how was that experience?
It was my first fashion campaign and it was so crazy. He really put himself and his story in the project and it was really cool the way he celebrated growing up in Miami by casting a mix of different people and not just models.

What are you most looking forward to doing again post-pandemic?
I really want to base myself somewhere because I've been forced to travel a lot due to the pandemic. And I really miss live music, not just performing but also going to concerts and getting that energy from live music.

For more with Yendry, look for the September issue of People en Español, on sale now.