A new season of MasterChef Latino will air May 19 on Telemundo. Here's why you should tune in!

Por Lena Hansen
Mayo 16, 2019

A new season of MasterChef Latino will air on Telemundo on May 19. The Latinx version of the popular MasterChef reality show is a culinary competition produced by Endemol Shine Boomdog, the same creators of MasterChef, the number one food show in the world. Here are 5 reasons to tune in!

1. Famous Latinx chefs Claudia Sandoval, Ennio Carota and Benito Molina will be the judges and guide contestants (amateur cooks) as they strive to make magic in the kitchen and cook delicious dishes from all over Latin America. The winner will take home a $100,000 prize and be celebrated as the next MasterChef Latino.


2. The new season will be hosted by Venezuelan actress, TV presenter and influencer Gaby Espino. “There was a casting where the 40 best candidates where chosen out of thousands of people all over the U.S.,” Espino said in Un Nuevo Día (Telemundo). “In the first episode you will see the three judges each pick five candidates to form their teams and give out aprons to their favorite ones.”


3. Venezuelan Chef James Tahaan will be the digital reporter of the show. Tahaan, who is the chef of Un Nuevo Día (Telemundo) and author of the cookbook Cocina en Casa con Chef James will give this new season his own special flavor.

4. The celebrity chefs will not only be judges, they will also serve as coaches or mentors to the contestants. Want to know more about them? Claudia Sandoval is the winner of the sixth season of MasterChef U.S. and author of the best-seller Claudia's Kitchen: A Taste of Mexico; veteran chef Ennio Carota melts hearts with his divine Italian food creations, while Benito Molina is recognized as one of Mexico's top chefs.


5. You can become a gourmet chef by just watching from home. As you savor the amateur chefs' sweet victories and bitter failures on their challenges, you'll learn new gourmet recipes, cooking skills and techniques.

Just one word of advise: Make sure not to tune in to MasterChef Latino when you are hungry, because the delicious recipes they whip up on the show will make your mouth water and cause you to impulsively order takeout!