Actors Mark Tacher and Emmanuel Orenday discuss their love scenes in La Reina del Sur 2. Watch the clip

By Lena Hansen
June 04, 2019 04:30 PM

A new clip shared by Telemundo shows the scenes from a new gay love story that emerged in La Reina del Sur 2. The video shows actors Mark Tacher and Emmanuel Orenday playing two men in love who must hide their relationship because Tacher’s character, Alejandro Alcala, is the campaign manager of Mexico’s future president and feels his political career will be ruined if people find out he is homosexual. Orenday’s character Danilo Márquez is an architect and interior designer who is tired of hiding and asks his boyfriend to go public with their romance. “The political world is machista. When have you ever seen a gay president or a gay senator?” Alejandro says in a scene.

Cortesía de Telemundo

The clip shows a steamy scene of the two men in bed while Alejandro’s cell phone rings off the hook when his boss insistently calls him. It also shows a deep connection between the lovers, who enjoy a romantic helicopter ride together. When Danilo asks Alejandro: “Where are you taking me?” — while on a surprise date to celebrate their third year anniversary — the politician answers: “to heaven.”

Cortesía de Telemundo

The same-sex love story has created much impact and both actors shared their views on their groundbreaking roles in a narco novela. Orenday says his character believes in standing up for love and truth. “He is a passionate character. His boyfriend Alejandro is a character with many nuances to discover,” he says.

Cortesía de Telemundo

Tacher, on the other hand, expressed about his role: “Alejandro Alcalá is a character that has a lot of layers. He is a character that is addicted to power, he wants power beyond anything else…. It’s challenging me because I’m searching for feelings towards the same sex that I don’t have, so it’s pretty fun.”