Puerto Rican singer Elysanij and Venezuelan star Marjorie De Sousa will be the musical performers of People en Español's Festival en Casa this year. Join the virtual celebration on Friday, October 15 at 7 pm ET in PeopleEspañol.com

Marjorie De Sousa and Elysanij will be the musical performers this year in People en Español's Festival en CasaThe virtual party will be on Friday, October 15 at 7 p.m. ET at Peopleenespañol.com.

"I feel really happy to be chosen by People En Español and to celebrate Latin culture with one of my songs 'Mátame'. This song to me personally means strength, bravery, self-love," says Puerto Rican singer Elysanij. "As an artist it means everything to me since I can bring my songs to many people that can hold on to me and awaken, and take action about whatever is harming them."

The young star from La Isla del Encanto —whose real name is Janielys Maldonado— caught everyone's attention with her heartfelt Spanglish version of the Lauryn Hill song "Killing Me Softly."

Elysanij y Marjorie De Sousa
Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Univision; Victor Chavez/WireImage

Venezuelan actress Marjorie De Sousa —the star of telenovelas like Hasta el fin del mundo, Mi marido tiene familia and Al otro lado del muro— will also bring her music to Festival.

"This time I'll sing 'Ni diabla ni santa', a song that's in all the digital platforms. Many people identify with it because of the times we're living in now, especially with social media, where people share their opinions, judge and point fingers and has no idea what really happens, because you don't really have to tell everything that happens in your life," she says. "It's a song that invites you to dance, to live it and enjoy it and to say who cares what other people think because it's not reality."

De Sousa leaves her soul in every performance and says she loves to connect with fans. "I love to dance, I love to express myself through music," she adds. "I love to share this moment with you all and I hope you will enjoy it."

Join the #HispanicHeritageMonth celebration with #FestivalPeopleEnespañolYou can watch the free virtual event on https://peopleenespanol.com/festival-en-casa-2021/ from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Eastern time. Just click HERE.