What does Marc Anthony think about his daughter Emme's musical talent? What did he say about JLO's fiance Alex Rodríguez?


Marc Anthony sat down with his friend, radio host Enrique Santos, for a heart-to-heart where he talked about his daughter Emme's musical talent and JLO's future husband Alex Rodríguez, among other fun confessions. The revealing interview ran on Santos' nationally syndicated iHeartRadio show on TÚ 94.9.

When Santos asked him about the video of his daughter Emme singing an Alicia Keys song during a rehearsal for her mom JLO's new tour, the Salsa crooner said: “Max sings too…he's passionate. I asked Emme: ‘Why do you sing?' And she said because she feels good. It's the best response. Music was a big part of my life growing up and I hope it does the same for her as it has done for me. And if that is what she wants to do…well…she should do it because she likes it, not because she has to. Not for fame, or popularity, or for likes. That was the response she gave me; it was the correct one.”


Santos also asked him about the invasive photo that has circulated in the Internet of Alex Rodríguez sitting on the toilet of the luxury $17.5 million New York apartment he shares with JLO (apparently taken from another high building as the bathroom windows have no curtains). “Did you see the picture of A-Rod in the bathroom?” asked Santos. “Yes, I saw it,” said Marc. “Taking a picture can be funny, but damn there are no limits anymore. There is no privacy,” Santos commented, to which Marc replied: “It sets a bad precedent, but honestly, he looked good in that shirt. Oh, if you are going to a bathroom in a Tom Ford shirt, do it bro!” Santos joked: “The guy really did look good in that shirt,” and Marc agreed: “He never has a bad moment.”


The singer also opened up about his relationship with his father Felipe Muñiz. “Felipe is unique, he is my hero. My father is the reason why I started making music. He met my mother who had five children, but he fell in love, he got married, and he took care of my brothers and sisters. He had three jobs, but he always loved music. He is a gentleman. He opens doors for women, he doesn't swear in front of them, he's incredible,” he said.

The singer also expressed his admiration for his dad's musical debut in 2017 on Despierta America (Univision) with a sweet Instagram post. Marc Anthony actually signed him to his own record label Magnus, releasing his dad's first album. “Dad was always a musician, and it shows me that you never stop being a musician. I signed him to Magnus at 80 years old and he recorded his album, had his first number one song, and was nominated for a GRAMMY,” he told Santos. “He is consistent and I am the luckiest man to have him as my father.”