The Colombian singer-songwriter shares exclusively with People Chica why his new track honors the rhythms and sounds of the Latin Caribbean.
Cover for "El Merengue" by Manuel Turizo and Marshmello
Manuel Turizo shares how his latest song "El Merengue" with Marshmello is honoring his Caribbean roots.
| Credit: Gabo Bucheli

Music was born through the fusion and melding of sounds and beats that have influenced the heart of the musician.

For his latest song, El merengue, Colombian singer-songwriter Manuel Turizo wanted to honor the rhythms he grew up listening to and bring it to a totally new audience for them to enjoy.

Enter Grammy-nominated artist and producer Marshmello.

Manuel Turizo and Marshmello
Manuel Turizo and Marshmello release new song "El Merengue."
| Credit: Gabo Bucheli

He shares with People Chica, "The collaboration with Marshmello is a song with deep Latin roots—it's a merengue. Merengue has a rhythm that all Latinos already carry inside and it is part of our Caribbean culture, which is where I come from."

He continues, "We wanted to take advantage of collaborating with Marshmello, as he is an artist and producer recognized within American [music], and bring him something a little different from what he usually does with other artists."

"We wanted to be able to show both his audience and mine a fresh take on music with a song that it lively and danceable," the Colombian crooner concludes.

The song and video are available to stream everywhere.