Manny MUA sets the record straight about rumors that he and fellow YouTube star James Charles are more than friends.

Por Lena Hansen
Diciembre 31, 2019

YouTuber and beauty blogger Manny Gutierrez (better known on social media as Manny MUA) ended 2019 by setting the record straight and shutting down rumors that he’s dating James Charles. Gutierrez, 28, posted a new video on YouTube assuring that he and the 20-year-old model, beauty YouTuber and makeup artist are just friends and colleagues. “I don’t know what prompted the idea that me and James are anything more than just friends. I can assure you you guys that me and James are not f***ing, we are not dating, we are not together, we are not any item in any way, shape or form,” the Mexican American influencer said. “We are friends. We have not hooked up. We are just not each other’s type.”

The popular YouTubers have both broken barriers. Charles was named CoverGirl’s first male brand ambassador in 2016, the same year Gutierrez became the first male to star in a Maybelline campaign.

With no filter, Gutierrez addressed other false assumptions about him in the New Year’s video. “ Going into 2020 I wanted to do a video addressing some rumors that have floated around about me for a while,” he said. Manny also denied pretending to be gay to gain popularity. “You would be shocked with the amount of people that ask me this, asking me if I’m actually gay or if I’m bi or if I’m questioning or if I’m straight in some way and it’s so shocking to me,” he said. “I promise you on my life that I am fully gay. I’m actually a gold-star gay, I’ve never hooked up with a woman. I’ve made out with girls of course, I’ve touched boobies, but for fun, not for real. I’m definitely 100 percent gay. There is no inkling, there is no thing in my body that says that there is not a gayness in here. It is all queer, in this world it is queer AF.”

While doing a fabulous makeup tutorial, he concluded with this message about his goals for the new decade: “Going into 2020 I just want to focus on what makes me truly happy and focus on the relationships I have with people in my real life and continue to stay in my own lane,” he said. “I want to be stronger, I want to be braver, I want to continue to do the best that I can.”