Por Celeste Rodas de Juárez
Mayo 01, 2017
Credit: Getty Images

Authorities in Cummins County, Georgia, are investigating the death of a man who was beaten and thrown in the middle of the street a few days after winning the lottery.

The Forsyth County News reported that on Saturday Chris Gudaitis, a paramedic who was off-duty and returning with a friend from a wedding, discovered Charles Barrett, 59, lying in the middle of Atlanta Highway and immediately tried to resuscitate him it with chest compressions. The man was later taken to the hospital.

Although the paramedic first thought that the man had been run over by a vehicle, he saw that there were blows and bruises only on his face. That's when he concluded that he was beaten to death. Barrett won $17,000 a few days before the incident with a scratch ticket for which he paid only $2. When he received the prize check, Barrett deposited it into his bank account and authorities believe he could have been beaten in order to rob his money.

Authorities have not given much details of the crime since it is under investigation. However, it is known that the man was robbed of his bank cards and that these were used as recently as Monday, two days before he was removed from life support at Northside hospital-Forsyth's intensive care unit. ” It's a tragic story with a tragic outcome,” Gudaitis told reporters. “But it makes me feel [better] knowing I could help give [Barrett's] family a way to say goodbye and not leave him dead on the side of the road.”

Translated by Thatiana Diaz.