Colombian star Maluma claps back at haters who criticized him for posing with a baby lion in an Instagram post. Here's what the "Mala Mia" singer had to say.

Por Lena Hansen
Mayo 28, 2019

Maluma clapped back at haters who criticized him over an Instagram post with a baby lion. The Colombian singer shared a video kissing a baby lion. “I'm too beautiful,” his caption said about the adorable feline, named “Mala Mía” like his hit song. The singer was criticized by some followers for posing with the exotic animal, which many assumed was his new pet. “He now thinks he is a soulless prince of Saudi Arabia having a lion as a pet,” one wrote. “You are a beast. Return that lion where it belongs,” another commented.

Maluma posted another video explaining the controversial post with the lion. He explained he wasn't at home with the animal, but visiting the The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico, a sanctuary led by Eduardo Serlo, where the baby lion was rescued and was being cared for. “I'm an animal lover and will always be. I would never support animal trafficking. How could you even think that I could have an animal like that as a pet?” an angry Maluma says.

After standing up to cyber bullies, the 25-year-old —who has over 42 million followers on Instagram — made fans panic when he deactivated his social media account for one day. However, he is back! “Parceros stay calm, I haven't left!” he said in a new Instagram Stories video.

The short break from Instagram was just a publicity stunt to focus all the attention on his new Youtube documentary. “Did you think you could get rid of me so easily? Well no! I had this great surprise for you, a new YouTube documentary that is out June 5. Maluma: Lo que era, lo que soy, lo que seré [Maluma: What I was, what I am, what I will be],” the singer adds with a laugh. “I'm so excited, we have been filming it for years, and now you will finally be able to see many things that happen in my personal life. You will come into my home, I will tell you many stories you don't know, so stay tuned!” He also joked: “Do you know what it's like for me to spend a day without Instagram? I almost died, I almost fainted!”