Maluma gets sentimental as he remembers his parents' divorce and struggling to make ends meet as a child in Colombia. See the most revealing confessions from his new Youtube documentary Lo que era, lo que soy, lo que seré.

1. The divorce of his parents affected him deeply. “I had two parents that filled me with love from day one,” he says. However their divorce was hard on the singer. “I was the man of the house at 10 years old. I had to comfort my mother and my sister,” he says. “It was a time of chaos, the family was in a kind of fog.”

2. He has a deep spiritual connection with his aunt Yudy Arias. “The connection he and I have is at another level,” the yoga instructor says about the singer, whom she spent quality time with since he was a baby. “It's a connection of souls,” Maluma adds about his unbreakable bond with his aunt. “She also raised me so she is like a second mother.”


3. He helped his family when they struggled with poverty. Maluma sold sandwiches and candy at school to help his mom have money to fill the fridge at home when his dad's business failed and they had financial troubles. He says that experience turned him into an entrepreneur.

4. His first love was soccer. “That was my dream, I wanted to be a soccer player,” he recalls of the sport he played for nine years. According to his former coach, he could've made it as a professional player because he had a lot of talent in the field. When he changed his mind and told his father he wanted to be a reggaeton singer, “My dad almost had a heart attack,” the singer says with a laugh.

5. He started his musical career singing at quinceañeras and began working as a teen, singing for free at schools in Colombia until he filled arenas worldwide. “I don't get off planes,” he says of his life now. “I'm intense and I love to work,” he admits. Maluma didn't get to party with his friends like most teens and spent most of his time on stage or at the recording studio. However, he has no regrets. Juan Luis Londoño —his real name— became ‘Maluma baby!' by dreaming big and working hard.