The Colombian made some revealing confessions on Nicky Jam's podcast The Rock Star Show.

Maluma and Nicky Jam recently had a fun and revealing conversation when the Colombian singer and actor was a guest on Nicky's podcast The Rock Star Show and opened up to the reggaetonero.

During their chat, Nicky Jam recalled the first time he met Maluma in Medellín, Colombia, where a 17-year-old Maluma opened a concert where they both performed and made all the teen girls go crazy. The reggaetonero, of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, asked Maluma to set the record straight about his life before fame. "Some people thought that my family were narcos and drug-dealing had supported my musical career. Obviously those were all lies, but many things were speculated," he said. "It's important to clear that up."

Maluma says when he was a child, his parents made a good living and his dad managed various successful companies in Colombia, but after his parents divorced when he was 14, the family entered a financial crisis. "It was a very difficult time," he recalled. "I started to value life more." He said he saw his mom crying because there was nothing to eat and his grandparents had to step in and help them survive. He also said that as a child soccer was his life, but he later devoted himself to music, a path that led his family out of poverty.

The "Hawái" singer also talked about his fame and fortune today. "It's surreal," he said about flying in his own private plane, traveling the world, and having luxurious homes in Miami and Colombia. He also talked about meeting Madonna and recording their song "Medellín."

Nicky Jam asked if he kissed the Material Girl on the mouth for the video and whether she had bad breath. Maluma laughed and said he "obviously" kissed her, and assured him that it was a pleasant experience. He also said "she sucked on my toe," to which Nicky Jam replied: "I have a yellow toenail. If she does that to me she'll get tetanus in her mouth." Maluma couldn't control his laughter, adding that he is grateful to have met the iconic pop star, with whom he's still friends today. "I can call her and ask her about anything that's going on in my life and I know she will answer me with all the love in the world," he said.

Maluma also talked about his upcoming romantic comedy Marry Me with Jennifer Lopez. "I prepared for it. I took acting classes in Los Angeles," he said. "I took it very seriously. It was an important role." He said he was scared to film his first scene with Owen Wilson in the movie, where he has to tell him off because they are rivals for the same woman. "I was s***ing my pants," he joked. Nicky Jam assured him he knew the feeling, because he farted the first time he had to act in a scene with Vin Diesel.

Maluma then recalled having to memorize a long line in a scene with J.Lo that took a few cuts. "When I finally got it right we wanted to make a party on the set!" he said. Nicky concluded the chat by asking Maluma who he would take to Hawaii when he visits the tropical paradise. "I'll go on my own to meet Hawaiians!" he joked.