The Colombian superstar took to social media to share his sadness over the passing of "amigo."
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Maluma is in morning over the passing of a dear friend.

In the late hours of April 19, the Colombian singer shared a touching statement to Instagram that his "amigo" and "hermanito menor" Bastian Matías Madrid Ramírez had passed away.

He begins, "It is with a broken heart that I have to inform you that Bastian left this earthly plane. My Maestro, my guide, my friend, my little brother departed leaving us all his teachings and leaving a huge void that nothing and no one will be able to fill."

"We fought until the end but the best thing was his rest. Strength to all who had the pleasure of knowing Bastian, 'El Niño sonrisa' I love you, I will love you forever my Principe. We'll see each other soon," he concludes.

Madrid Ramírez, who succumbed to the effects of cancer, was someone who was near and dear to the heart of the performer.

Also Colombian, Maluma met his "little brother" in 2021, per Mag.

Maluma and Bastian Matias
Maluma and Bastian Matias
Maluma and Bastian Matias
Left: Credit: @maluma
Center: Credit: @maluma
Right: Credit: @maluma

The two established such an incredible bond that Maluma became Madrid Ramírez's "padrino" and would go on to gift him various presents and share many special moments with him as well.

In September 2022, the singer surprised Madrid Ramírez and his family a new home so that they may live more comfortably, Remezcla reports.