Mexican actress and singer Maite Perroni talks about her new series El Juego de Las Llaves and reflects about her time in the Mexican pop band RBD 10 years later.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 22, 2019

It's been 10 years since Maite Perroni was part of the mega success of the Mexican pop band RBD. The singer and actress, 36, talked to People CHICA about her time as a “Rebelde” and her new series El Juego de Las Llaves, premiering on Pantaya August 16.

A decade after RBD disintegrated, diehard fans keep wondering if there will be a reunion. “No, everyone is doing different projects,” Perroni says. “We are each at different stages of our lives. I don't think we have considered a reunion now or ever.” Do the former inseparable band members stay in touch? “There are good vibes, but we are each doing our own thing,” she explains. “We have our own projects in our personal and professional lives. We each maintain a relationship with the ones we felt the most affinity with. It's been a long time since we have all been following our own paths.”

Maite Perroni

Since saying goodbye to RBD in 2009, Perroni has made a successful solo career as a singer and has landed leading roles in telenovelas, series and films. “It has been an interesting evolution,” she reflects. “I have been lucky to do what I love, to have a career that has allowed me to live, to grow, to discover myself, to have new challenges and opportunities. Looking back, I can say I've been blessed to be able to do projects that still make me feel excited.”


One of these is her role in the series El Juego de Las Llaves (The Game of Keys), where she plays a woman who wants to spice up her long-lasting marriage and joins a community of swingers with her husband.

“She is a woman that experiences all these conflicts after she and her husband decide to become swingers,” says Perroni. “We see a real woman that thinks one thing today and a different thing tomorrow — she is filled with contradictions. She is very passionate and knows she has to do something different to save her marriage. She is afraid yet she is a very sexual woman at the same time. She is a woman filled with desires but is afraid of change. She goes into this emotional roller coaster.” The show, filmed in Mexico, also stars Sebastian Zurita, Marimar Vega, Fabiola Campomanes and Horacio Pancheri.

Would she ever consider becoming a swinger in real life? “I haven't lasted 20 years with anyone yet!” she says with a laugh. “That moment hasn't come yet.” Perroni's career and family life seem to be her top priorities now. Besides this role, she will soon film a new music video for an upcoming song. “I feel fulfilled,” she reflects. “I'm in one of my best moments. I feel confident, I know what I want, I feel blessed to be doing what I'm passionate about professionally and to have a life, a family and friends I love, to truly have a balance.”

Living and fully enjoying the present has been one of the biggest life lessons she has learned since leaving RBD. “I feel that the most important thing is feeling truly happy and fulfilled with what you are doing,” she adds. “A long time ago, I stopped making these huge goals for myself that won't allow me to be happy unless I attain them. I stopped putting so much pressure on myself. Life will dictate what comes next, but I'm happy today and that's what matters most.”