In an exclusive interview with People en Español, the singer and actress gets real about all the pregnancy buzz surrounding her and boyfriend Andrés Tovar.


Mexican singer and actress Maite Perroni sets the record straight on whether she and producer Andrés Tovar are expecting their first child together. The actress, who just signed a contract with streaming platform Pantaya, has been riddled with rumors about her relationship with her now-boyfriend Tovar.

In an exclusive interview with People en Español, the former RBD member made it abundantly clear she is not expecting her first child.

Maite Peroni
Credit: Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images

"It's not true. Once again, we've been exposed to the public's opinion without knowing the real truth, and unfortunately, the media doesn't inform themselves and gets carried away by what anyone says irresponsibly," she said. "And unfortunately, those stories are replicated without knowing what they're talking about. The day when that moment comes, I'll be the happiest to share it with all of you because it will be a blessing."

The Rebelde star also gave assurances that she is loving the season of her life that she is currently in. "I feel more serene than ever in my life. Happier than ever," she said. "Clear on knowing what I want, what I desire and what we want to build."

Maite Perroni
Credit: Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images

The Mi pecado star also revealed what made her fall in love with Tovar. She explains, "Simply just being him, all of him, made me fall in love."

In 2022, the actress is set to star in the second season of Oscuro deseo as well as two movies.