Maluma and Madonna show off their explosive chemistry in new music video "Medellín". Viewer discretion is advised!

After teasing their new collab in Instagram posts for months, Madonna and Maluma delivered “Medellín”. The bilingual song's music video —as expected, coming from two bonafide sex symbols— is red hot! The video shows the Queen of Pop, 60, seducing the Colombian singer, 25, with her provocative moves. Madonna puts her ‘Erotica' magic in full display, showing who's in charge, whip in hand! The eyepatch ‘Madame X' wears throughout the video also adds a bit of mystery.

Maluma responds with his usual charm and irresistible picardía, telling the ‘Material Girl': “If you want to be my queen, then I'll crown you, and you'll have my throne to sit on.” Their two bodies fuse in a sensual dance and their voices (in English and Spanish) form a mantra that puts viewers in a trance. There are also scenes of the two frolicking in bed and enjoying a sip of wine…leading to Madonna licking Maluma's toe!

The video then erupts into a full blown masquerade-style party, with Madonna wearing a white dress and Maluma draped in red suit ready to tie the knot. “If you fall in love, then we'll get married,” he sings in Spanish. “Slow down papi,” she croons as “her groom” removes the lace garter from her leg.

This musical “marriage” is a dream come true for Maluma, who cried of joy in an Instagram video after recording the song with his idol. How have their fans reacted to the collab? Some love it and some hate it, the reactions have been strong and varied on social media. “It's really disapointing to listen to reggaeton linked to you,” one Madonna follower commented. “God save the Queen!”, joked another one of her fans. “We need to see the real Madonna again,” another expressed. Others were thrilled with the new track. “Madame… this is gorgeous,” one fan complimented. “Amazing!!! So good,” another wrote with fire emojis. “You two are so hot together,” wrote one Madonna follower. Are you ready to take a one-way trip to Medellín? Check out the video!