Monday's Google Doodle is a tribute to Lotería. Let's play!

Por Yarely Aguilar
Diciembre 09, 2019

On Monday, Google celebrated the traditional Mexican card game La Lotería with a special playable Doodle. The Doodle offers a multiplayer experience by letting people play the game with friends in a private match or with different users from all over the world. The game works kind of like bingo, but instead of calling out numbers, the designated caller calls out the name of the card and the players mark spots on their tabla with a bean. The winner shouts out “Lotería!” as a sign of victory for that one round of the game; the game keeps going for as long as you want.

Google partnered with five Mexican American illustrators to update several characters on cards like La Chalupa, El Corazón and El Tambor. They also partnered with the popular Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica, who is the card announcer for the Doodle.

La Lotería originated in Italy back in the 15th century and was brought to New Spain, which is now modern Mexico, in 1769. At first, lotería was for older generations, but later on, it became a game enjoyed by everybody. Although the cards have changed since being officially copyrighted in Mexico, the game has become more and more popular across Mexico and Latinx communities all over the world. The characters have been updated several times over the years to reflect social changes.

This traditional game was also recently redesigned for the millennial generation, with cards about climate change, student debt, gender equality, sexual orientation, politics and more. La Lotería can transport you straight to your abuela's house, which is why this card game is perfect to play with your loved ones — especially during this time of year.