Learn more about the budding Internet comedians who are reaching fame from being real.

By Thatiana Diaz
June 11, 2018 05:16 PM

It wasn't love-at-first-sight for Chicklet HF-whose real name is Steven Negron-and Maleni Cruz, who met at a friend's party. But their sense of humor eventually brought them together not only as a couple but as an Internet-comedy duo.

"I was like ‘Let's do videos together. We're pretty funny together'," recalls Chicklet to PEOPLE CHICA of how they came to build their presence as a couple on social media. The Internet seems to agree with the Latino entertainer who has garnered 1 million followers on Instagram and signed with Tidal for a weekly comedy series on the streaming platform titled "I Love You, B," alongside Cruz, who has 486k followers.

Instagram/Maleni Cruz

This level of fame wasn't an objective for the budding comedians, who set out to shoot videos for fun. It was after a video of the New York-native couple at the club with Cruz singing Cardi'B "Bodak Yellow" in Chicklet's face went viral that they were able to establish themselves as online stars. "Honestly, when we first started doing this, we didn't have a goal," says Chicklet, who worked as a dishwasher before notoriety. "I still feel like there's no goal because it could all be gone tomorrow."

Although it's all fun and games on video for the pair, they are aware of the impact they have on their generation and cherish it. "When someone messages you, just enough to say that they've been through a rough situation and you've made a difference in their life," says Cruz. "it means the world."

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