The Mexican American singer told his side of the story on El Gordo y La Flaca.

Por Lena Hansen
Octubre 27, 2020

A teary-eyed Lorenzo Mendez has finally spoken out about the reasons behind his divorce. The Mexican American singer, 33, talked to El Gordo y La Flaca reporter Tanya Charry and said that he is still in love with Chiquis Rivera.

According to Lorenzo, four months after the wedding, the couple started to argue. "Living together after you get married is very different," he said. "It was a lot of things. I think insecurities, being disrespectful, lies, there were differences. My life was not fitting into her plans. My personal plans, my dreams, my goals, were not part of her life plan."

Chiquis has said that she is not to blame for their breakup and that she feels she was a very devoted wife. She also denied rumors that she was unfaithful after a video of her kissing Mexican businessman Jorge Cueva, aka Mr. Tempo, circulated online.

Lorenzo Mendez
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According to Lorenzo, Chiquis did not support his dream of making a comeback as a solo artist. "I wanted to return to music, music lives in me," he said. He also claimed that Chiquis was afraid of him returning to the music scene because of his past addictions to drugs and alcohol, El Gordo y La Flaca reported. "I caused insecurities in her. They didn't come from nowhere, they came from things in the past."

In June, Mendez went to a rehabilitation center in California to try to save his marriage and find inner peace. "Sometimes I make mistakes, I fall, but my goal is always to get up and be a better person," he said, claiming he wanted to "grab the bull by the horns and really attack this demon," referring to his past addictions.

He said being alone for 10 days during that spiritual retreat allowed him to reconnect with himself. The couple also reconnected for a short time. "We lived a really beautiful peace, but unfortunately that didn't last long," he said. After days of arguments, he said he left their home in California but didn't want to end the relationship. "I remember that I cried, I gave her a kiss on the forehead and I told her, 'We are going to be OK,'" he recalled. He grabbed many of his things and went to Texas to give her space.

Chiquis Rivera
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"My obsession, my goal in the past years, has been to make my wife happy," he claimed. "Perhaps that's why I got lost." When Tanya Charry reminded him that Chiquis said he has a lot of issues to resolve, Mendez added, "Definitely. Like she does, like we all do. We all have our own demons, our own traumas."