Mendez took to Instagram to reminisce about his relationship with Rivera, who announced last week that the couple has broken up again.

Por Lena Hansen
Septiembre 21, 2020

Lorenzo Mendez has spoken out about the news that he and his wife Chiquis Rivera have split again. The singer shared a photo of himself with Chiquis in happier times, with a heartfelt message about what she means to him. "I don't wish this upon anybody," he wrote. "We are two adults who love each other and we are conscious that the problems we each have are justified. We understand one another and don't judge each other."

The pair were together for four years and married last year in a dream wedding in California. "All Janney ever wanted was the best for me. For myself, for my peace, for my body and mind. I’ve been battling a lot of things right now," Mendez added. "I love you Janney and I thank you for you love and patience. Just as the miracle of Jesus walking on water here in the Sea of Galilee, I pray and hope for a miracle in our lives with or without one another."

The Mexican American singer also shared a photo of himself in a temple in Israel with the message, "God guide me ... I am yours." The day before Chiquis made the announcement that they had separated, Mendez shared this cryptic message on his Instagram Stories: "September 16, today God will change everything in your favor. Don't fear, fill yourself with faith because that which you never thought you could have will come to you. God will put in your hands what you really need. Have peace, your fate is in God's hands. Don't be nervous, great things are coming for you."

Meanwhile, Chiquis, who has over 4 million followers on Instagram, seems to have deactivated her account following the breakup, after asking the media and her fans for privacy and compassion during this difficult time.