The Latinx food line makes its debut with four new kitchenware tools perfect for Latin cooking.
Credit: Courtesy of Loisa

Latinx food brand Loisa continues to help Latinos make memories in the kitchen.

Known for their organic Latin spices, sofrito, cooking sauces and more, the brand has launched a kitchenware line with four new products including a slotted skimming spoon, a masher, a tostonera, mortar and pestle.

Made with sustainable ingredients this line of kitchen tools is set to cover all the bases of the Latin cooking experience.

"Para la cocina, para la cultura. For the kitchen, for the culture. That's the essence of why we do all that we do," the Loisa team said in a statement. "Since the beginning, we've been grateful to receive immense love and support from our community, helping us to grow every day and spread better Latin flavor."

Credit: Courtesy of Loisa

The tostonera has been crafted from bamboo to effortlessly make plantains into tostones. The interlocking hinge design is made to last in addition to a weighted, grippy silicon base to avoid slippage. Combined with the slotted sun-shaped silicone skimmer that was designed with chicharrones and tostones in mind, the pair goes perfectly together.

They added, "As we continued onwards, the power of this support had us thinking, what more could we do to deliver on our promise?"

"So we looked at the full cooking experience we were having in our homes, and realized there was more we could do to carry things forward—always, of course, with an appreciation for tradition and the past," they detailed.

The mortar and pestle, a staple in every Latin kitchen, is also made from bamboo and finds the mortar bowl boasting a colorful detached silicone base.

The masher has also been made with comfort and ease in mind—the rounded bowl has been designed to make a variety of dishes including mangú, beans, or potatoes.

"These new tools are the result of years of imagination, work, re-work, and reflection—and above all dialogue with our community about what would get us all to celebrate this culture and cook Latin-inspired dishes more often," they said.

The new Loisa kitchenware is now available at